Greetings and welcome to Ginpu! The purpose of this page is to help introduce new readers to the story. So, let’s get right to it.

Currently our comic is divided into three major sections: Kit’s Story, Taka’s Story, and Renegade. If you’re brand new and you want to just skip right to the beginning and not miss any of the story here is the link you need:

That should be the only thing you need to get started, but if you’d like a little more explanation then read on! The above link will start you out with Kit’s Story and eventually lead to Taka’s Story, which is a prequel to Kit’s Story. Then you will naturally proceed to Renegade, the sequel to Kit’s Story. Just keep clicking Next to get your fix and it should all work out until you get to the most current page. Then you will notice the Next button is greyed out and you will experience despair, but don’t worry we update every Friday.

So just what is this Ginpu stuff all about? Well first it is an Anthropomorphic comic, meaning instead of humans the characters are non-humans who act like humans. I’m sure you’ve already enjoyed many comics and cartoons featuring non-human characters who can talk or knit or play the bassoon; that’s really all it means. Second, it’s a story that takes place in a world similar to Earth and a time that is similar to “now”. Add to that a bunch of gods, mad science, a little mutation, and a bit of magic. I can’t really say too much more without creating spoilers.

How did it all happen? Well Ginpu (Michelle) decided to try creating an online comic without much of a plan except to keep improving. Despite playing it by ear the original story continues even today, the original concept and characters have proven their worth over the years the comic has been live. With the start of the Renegade storyline Phizuol (Troy) has joined in as the writer. We both hope you’ll hang out and enjoy the comic!