As Saffron said, I’ll be taking a short break. The remainder of the month I’ll wager. I’ll try and get those 30 day OC meme images posting daily here in the mean time. The first 4 are digital, but everything following that is on a sticky note drawn on breaks at work. XD For those who follow me on tumblr, it’ll just be a repeat for the most part for you, and I apologize.

I will still give you a Holiday Wallpaper as I have every year. πŸ™‚ I already have it in the works.

I’ve just been overwhelmed with work lately. I need a new job because by the time I get out of here I can think of doing only 2 things when I get home. Watching anime or playing FFXIV. Even hanging with friends is taking a back burner thanks to it all. Plus one of my medical issues took a shit on me and that’ll take a few weeks/months to get shit back in order.

I’m also curious if people are even enjoying what I put out. I hear from the same 3 or 4 people every week but everything shows me there are hundreds of people reading the comic. So… why doesn’t anyone talk to me? Do I need to engage you more? Is any of this even funny?

Renegade came to a halt for that very reason. We felt there was no one reading. There were rarely comments. Rarely did we get feedback. We felt defeated and rather than struggle every week we agreed to just end it. But it was only then that people noticed and commented. Sadly it was a little too late.

I don’t want that to happen to Saffron. I was asked if I did the comic for others or just for myself. I know this is a question asked to many artists about their art. My answer was that if I was doing it just for me, there’s no reason to share it with others on the internet. I can just browse my hard drive if it was just for me. But if no one is reading… if no one is commenting… if no one is supporting… talking to… interacting with… encouraging me, why should I continue to share it?Β 

Not trying to whine here, but I do need feedback and interaction from people to reassure me that it’s enjoyed by more people than me. To encourage me to keep going and keep producing.

The first comic went online over 8 years ago. For 8 years I’ve been doing this. For 8 years I’ve tried not to whine about it. I try my best to interact with the audience. Almost always responding to comments, tweets, what have you. But I’m at a loss anymore of what to do to get you to interact back with me.

*shrugs* I’ll go back over to my emo artist cave now.