And Kaeru isn’t. Not going to bore you with their rules. That would take strips upon strips to do. And that’s just if I did walls of text! Kit sometimes a little too moody.

Ok. I need to take a break from the strip, so I am calling in a vacation. I have things around the house that need to be done, and they are things that will likely make the computer highly inaccessable. So… Yep, guest strips. Giving a month’s notice this time. I just decided this today too. LOL. So February 9th is when I’m going to take a week off. ^_^ Same rules apply as last time, but here we go with the list.

Info for potential guest comics…
Comic can be in black and white, gray scale or color. PNG format preferred, but JPG and GIF are ok, I’ll just likely convert them. Strip is 850px wide, 72dpi. Length can vary and has no real set size. I build them at 303px high because that best accommodates the paper size I used with the footer. :D That’s all nice and simple.
The No’s…
• No Pr0n
• No Yaoi
• No Yuri
• No Excessive naked-ness. This is PG13.
Yeah… that’s about it. Oh and keep the cussing to a minimum, like 1 word if it’s totally necessary. :D


I’m doing commissions for anyone interested. Just check my deviantART or Fur Affinity account.