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On a side note… I have some news to share, and it’s not exactly the best news. There’s a chance I will be going on hiatus or reducing the frequency. It’s been over 8 years since I started posting comics. Saffron’s story has been going for over a year now and the metrics show that this year, it’s doing worse than last. It discouraging to say the least. I love art. I love drawing. But I don’t have motivation lately. I can make lots of excuses and tell you all sorts of reasons behind this decision, but I think you all would get bored with the details.

Aside from spending tons of money on an advertising campaign and hoping people stick around, I’m at a loss. We did a big advertising campaign for Renegade. Spent plenty of money, and in the end, when we were done the page views were back to what they were before the campaign. It was money spent with no return.

Maybe things will improve in the next month. Maybe it’ll get me motivated again. I’m sorry for being negative, but I don’t see anything changing.