Holy bejesus… ain’t seen Taka in a while. Figured we all needed a small break from the history lesson.

On a side note… Michelle is stoopid. Capital S! I’m going to be gone from 11/26-12-3, visiting my parents and family up in Virginia/North Carolina. I forgot to mention this way earlier. So I will be very busy this weekend busting my ass to make sure there is no missing comic in my absence. I may take longer to respond of course. But um… if anyone out there wants to do a guest comic… I’ll love you to death!

Yeah… so I better go get busy since my plea for guest stuff is awfully short timed cause I got so fubar’d from losing my job that I forgot so many things.

On that note of guest strips. the current story line will continue for a few months still, even with 3 updates a week. When I can tell that there is a month left, I’ll put out a call for guest comics again. Giving you at least 30 days notice. That way I can work on furthering the script when this one completes. πŸ˜€

See you on Monday!