Yep. Mom is coming alright, with an entourage. But what of the gods? What of Kit? How will Morgan handle the situation? What deep dark secrets lie in wait for our furry friends? You’ll just have to come back and check it out.

And so we conclude this bit of chapter and take a small break to work with the script. I’ve had ideas in my head this entire time, but I haven’t written them down since I couldn’t get them in chronological order. So stay tuned. Monday and Wednesdays will have guest appearances and a little guest art. Not sure what Friday holds. The following week, I’ll likely be posting some story related art. I have a bit of stuff to get done, and in order to do it, I need to focus. So that’s part of the reasoning for taking a break. Besides… I’m still not used to 3 times a week, even if it’s been over 3 months. LOL. But I’ve been working hard, and hopefully you all have enjoyed it so far! See you Monday!

February 9th is when I’m doing the vacation thing.

Still in need of more guest comics!

Info for potential guest comics…

Comic can be in black and white, gray scale or color. PNG format preferred, but JPG and GIF are ok, I’ll just likely convert them. Strip is 850px wide, 72dpi. Length can vary and has no real set size.

The No’s…

• No Pr0n • No Yaoi • No Yuri • No Excessive naked-ness. This is PG13.


I’m doing commissions for anyone interested. Just check my deviantART or Fur Affinity account.