Kit sounds like so many dead beat parents. But she has a valid point, even if she is being a bitch here. It’s not like she had sex with Kaeru and he was like a male seahorse and carried Pori to term. Kit didn’t even know about this. 15 years later she finds out she’s a mom, and has her wings and other abilities back. Oh that’s right, I never told you what they were. Hey what’s that over there? >.>

By the time this joyride is over, you will probably end up having hated at least half the cast.

February 9th is when I’m doing the vacation thing. ^_^
Info for potential guest comics…

Comic can be in black and white, gray scale or color. PNG format preferred, but JPG and GIF are ok, I’ll just likely convert them. Strip is 850px wide, 72dpi. Length can vary and has no real set size.
The No’s…
• No Pr0n • No Yaoi • No Yuri • No Excessive naked-ness. This is PG13.


I’m doing commissions for anyone interested. Just check my deviantART or Fur Affinity account.