It’s Monday! Comic is resuming… I hope. More on that in a minute.

Poor Kiera. She can’t get Kaeru to stop for a moment and ask him things. He’s so engrossed with Pori and Kit. And Daichi is about as blank minded and tight lipped as one can get.

Today, as in Monday, I am going to be installing a new harddrive. As you may recall, I’ve been having some problems with my computer, it’s inability to do sound and games at the same time, or sound and art. On Sunday my sound cut out entirely. I’m now convinced my MB is going the way of the dodo. Thankfully I have a backup sound card. I turned off the onboard, and on the sound card. I’ve always had problems with sound and my computers. I don’t get it. So… I was thinking it was the hdd for a bit there, and bought the new hdd on Saturday. Anyways… needless to say, if the MB croaks, well, I have to replace both MB and CPU because they don’t make MB’s that can use my current CPU anymore. We’ll see how things go, and everything should be fine with the comic, it should exist on Wednesday. But should something happen to the MB, I’m gonna be crying my eyes out for any and all help. I won’t be able to produce the comic if it fails me. So let’s hope it’s just the sound chip that said bu bye and not the whole thing. Cross your fingers. I know I’m gonna.


I’m doing commissions for anyone interested. Just check my deviantART or Fur Affinity account.