And I chose to continue the story instead of a Halloween special. But Happy Halloween to all!

I think we are learning a little more that the choices one makes can affect their entire life. So be careful when you choose. Make the best choice you can with what you have.

Speaking of choices… November 4th is Election Day. Even though we have early voting here in Florida, and I voted last weekend, I want to remind the rest of you, if you haven’t voted, you need to do it. I won’t push you to one side or the other. I won’t love you any more or less from your vote. And I won’t say who I voted for either until after the election. Politics make the worst enemies out of the best of friends. Just get out there and vote if you are old enough and registered.

Posts have been a little sparse lately as I don’t know if anyone even reads these things. I know I am plenty guilty of not reading blogs. heh. So I won’t bore you. Just make sure you vote on Tuesday! Maybe I’ll even have a bonus for you on Tuesday, something to help remind you. 🙂