If you remember, Kaori looks at Kit and Taka almost like parents. For Kit to be so harsh, Kaori is in shock. But Morgan can control herself on the matter. Kit’s not a mother, nor was she ever. There is just something that changes within a woman when she becomes a mother. Nothing but that child matters. Unless of course you’re a deadbeat mom, and in that case, well, I’m leaving this PG13. Use your imagination.

I’m totally stoked for when I take time off. I got the lineart for a guest comic, and I just freaking love it. I’m even more stoked that such an awesome artist is helping me out with this. It’ll probably end up as a guest collab, because I’m going to color it, but I am so freaking stoked about it! ::squeals like a little girl with a crush::

February 9th is when I’m doing the vacation thing. ^_^
Info for potential guest comics…

Comic can be in black and white, gray scale or color. PNG format preferred, but JPG and GIF are ok, I’ll just likely convert them. Strip is 850px wide, 72dpi. Length can vary and has no real set size.
The No’s…
• No Pr0n • No Yaoi • No Yuri • No Excessive naked-ness. This is PG13.


I’m doing commissions for anyone interested. Just check my deviantART or Fur Affinity account.