Hard exteriors hold soft insides. The question is why?

I apologize that the comic is not the same quality. I was working with old electronics. My old Intuious3 4″x5″ tablet and my old notebook with PS6. Wait, really you have to hear about the notebook. You’ll die laughing! Compaq Armada 200S (I think). 14″ LCD screen, CD drive broken, floppy drive, 1 USB 1.0 slot, 1 PS/1 plug, PCMCIA slot, AMD K6-2 550mHz, 384MB PC100 SDRAM of which 8MB is shared video and it’s runs XP… although it was designed for Win2K. Of course I drew this by hand and inked it by hand, scanning it with my mom’s scanner since I am still up at her house. I believe I will be home Tuesday night.

See you Wednesday!