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Dec 31Blinded with Science
Dec 29Barren…
Dec 26Death Plz
Dec 22Break It Up…
Dec 19Stare…
Dec 17Dynamic punch!
Dec 15Did you guess it would lead up to this?
Dec 12Grief…
Dec 10Gripe Session
Dec 8Death…
Dec 5Immortality…
Dec 1Couldn’t Cope
Nov 28Deal With It
Nov 26Pass On
Nov 24Parenting
Nov 21Patience is necessary,
Nov 17So how do they die?
Nov 14Immortal
Nov 12Compassion
Nov 10Flaws, we all have them…
Nov 7Compliments
Oct 31Choices
Oct 24Who done it?
Oct 17Learning & Purpose
Oct 10Right & Wrong
Oct 3Their story
Sep 5Introducing…
Aug 29CRASH!
Aug 22Sometimes things just happen…
Aug 15You are important
Aug 1D’oh!
Jul 25Old school
Jul 18Dripping with sarcasm
Jul 15Defiant
Jul 11More watercolors…
Jul 8Fear the watercolors
Jul 4No wai…
Jul 1Ceiling climber
Jun 27Determined
Jun 24Holy background batman!
Jun 20She wouldn’t…would she?
Jun 13What happened?
May 30Whump!