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Welcome to Renegade, the third story from Ginpu. Six years have passed since the conclusion of Kit’s story. The conflict between Kaeru and Morgan has been resolved, and both have been relieved of the burden of immortality. While the gods are able to move on there still remains the matter of the hundreds of genetically altered “renegades” that Kaeru left behind. In a world where responsibility seems to be sorely lacking Pori assembles a team of friends to try to make right the wrongs of her father. The renegades are tormented from being altered by divine genetic material and the only known cure is a special knowledge that Pori and her team possess.

Renegades are forced into hiding due to hideous disfigurements that may not be apparent to us, but story characters find them revolting! They experience various types of pain associated with the gift of special powers given to them by the experiments they’ve endured. But are renegades just the latest example of mortals who suffer at the whims of the gods? Pori and the gang do everything they can to help, but who can say it won’t happen again? Who can protect the world from these beings of untold power? The Government? Science? Or perhaps something more sinister? Only a Ginpu reader can know for sure, so make sure to check in every Friday for a new page of Renegade!

Cast of Characters

Name: Pori
Age: 21
Species: Genetic hybrid of dragon, feline and likely more…

Pori is the pinnacle scientific achievement of a god. Kaeru’s quest to create an immortal child was finally realized with her birth. However, when the true danger of Kaeru’s experiments came known the gig was up and a more powerful god stepped in to resolve the matter. Pori was made mortal and the knowledge of how it was done was passed on to her in order to help all the others whose bodies were wracked by Kaeru’s experiments.

Before she was made mortal she had incredible powers of empathy and emotion control, even though she was not yet able to use them effectively. After the change she was only able to retain surface thought reading ability. This, along with amazing physical strength and agility are the most notable traits she inherited from being Kaeru’s masterpiece of science.

At the age of 15 Pori’s innocent world was shattered when she learned that her father was a god and a villain, her mother an abused experiment, and a whole host of victims existed in suffering in order to make her existence possible. Fortunately she knew she was not the one to blame, but yet a deep sense of responsibility possessed her to dedicate her life to helping Kaeru’s genetic renegades.

Pori is the creator of the team. With just the small group of friends she had, she reached out to anyone who would share her mission of compassion.

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Name: Taka Nakamura
Age: 33
Species: Tiger / Japanese Bobtail

Taka started out in a happy family of five until his mother decided that she liked other women more than her father. He became preoccupied with his feelings of betrayal and was oblivious to the fact that his mother’s new partner Crystal had become a most important person to him. Though he prayed to the gods to help him make sense of what was happening to him, the gods instead took Crystal away in a tragic car accident before either of them could know how much he appreciated her. When a mysterious man claiming to be a god appears to tell Taka that everything was part of the gods’ Plan he responds by striking this “god” in the face.

Mortals with strong mental focus sometimes learn to alter the physical world by forcing their will to become real. Taka is a rare practitioner of earth magic taught to him by a wise sage named Morgan.

When he was 27 Taka learned that his mentor, Morgan, was actually a god. His best friend Kit was a genetic experiment created by Morgan’s rival god, Kaeru. After nearly dying to protect them both Taka decides that gods and their ways are the ultimate evil plaguing this world.

After initially refusing to be involved with gods ever again Taka decides to join the team once he realizes the only way to protect his remaining friends is to stay with them as much as possible. The idea of undoing what a god has done does give him some grim satisfaction.

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Name: Kaori Ashen
Age: 23
Species: Red Panda

Despite losing her parents at an early age Kaori has always kept a positive attitude. Her concentration on tasks is sometimes mistaken as ditziness but it’s an asset that caught the notice of Morgan the sage. Her early years were spent moving from home to home but finally with Morgan, Kit, and Taka she made a real family of sorts.

A goal and the belief you can achieve it can lead to amazing success. When this concept is taken to the extreme a focused way of life and unblinking concentration can create phenomenon considered impossible by modern medicine. Kaori is versed in a style of body magic focusing on size manipulation and healing that she learned from Morgan.

Six years ago Kaori learned that beyond just a kind teacher Morgan was a god living among mortals. She met Kiera and Pori at the same time and felt an instant bond with them. When she learned of the renegades and their situation she sympathized with their pain of not belonging.

Kaori was the first member to join the team at Pori’s request. Even though they had just met recently Kaori needed a new place to belong after Morgan’s decision to leave the city. Her helpful nature made her a perfect fit.

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Name: Kiera Schu
Age: 38
Species: Iguana

Kiera was introduced to Kaeru by her longtime friend Daichi. Soon after she formed a great admiration for him. She willingly underwent the genetic manipulation procedure knowing that she would gain vital abilities that Kaeru needed for his plans. Finally he would need her as much as she needed him. Unfortunately the powers she received were not quite what she expected and she felt inferior to everyone else around Kaeru. Her desire to be noticed and valued make her a very hard worker, but her insecurity keeps her second guessing her ambitions.

Kiera had the unique ability to detect others who had undergone Kaeru’s experiments even if they were hidden by magical abilities. Additionally if those magical abilities were able to suppress the genetic changes she could break through and force the changes to be expressed. After she was cured of Kaeru’s genetic changes she only retains the ability to detect renegades within a small range, though there are ways to extend the range artificially.

It has been six years since she learned the truth. Kiera learned that Daichi and Kaeru, the two people she cared for the most, were both gods. Then just as suddenly they left her. Still totally caught up in her feelings for Kaeru she couldn’t bring herself to blame him for anything. The whole truth of Kaeru’s schemes came out but mostly she just blamed herself for her part in it.

Together with Pori and Kaori these three formed the original team members. Whether he knows or appreciates it she still lives for Kaeru. The only way she knows to reach out for him is to try to undo all the mistakes he’s left behind.

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Name: Tsar Khlebov
Age: 40
Species: Caracal

Tsar was a successful engineer when he met Kaeru. Lured by a fake job interview Kaeru kidnapped him and forced him to become a genetic experiment. After months of testing he was loaded up with memory-erasing drugs and dumped at the edge of the city. Struggling to understand what was happening to him he was forced to survive in the alleyways and sewers. The changes had left him with a ferocious visage and forked tail causing panic in anyone who caught sight of him. Over time he was able to piece together who he was and remember what had happened to him, but it wasn’t until Pori and the team found him that his life was returned to normal.

Tsar was granted the ability to control electricity. After Kaeru’s manipulation he was able to store massive amounts of power in his body, but now that he’s been cured his storage capacity is only a tiny fraction of what it once was. However, his ability to control the flow of electricity even through thin air is still quite remarkable. Despite being cured his tail remain stubbornly split.

Most renegades seek a safe and normal life after being cured, but Tsar found something about the team that kept him around. Once his ability to tinker with electronics was revealed he was accepted as a full member.

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