This page contains spoilers.
You have been warned.

Kit’s Story takes place in the present day. The world is not much unlike our own. The technology levels are roughly the same. The existence of magic has made some things certainly MORE possible in their world than our own. Here’s some information regarding the characters of this story.

Name: Kitriana Geier
Age: 32
Species: Feline

Kit’s history is shrouded in mystery. She cannot entirely recall who she was beyond 15 years ago. Her name was given to her by Kaeru who “found” her, injured, & nursed her back to health. After a few years Kit started to recall bits of her past. She confronted Kaeru, an altercation ensued. Kit escaped & has hidden from him since.

Kit met Morgan two weeks after her escape from Kaeru. Morgan taught Kit how to “will” her wings away & how to remain hidden from Kaeru.

Kit is generally calm, however, she does have a hair trigger temper. Sometimes Kit gets so focused on the task at hand, she ignores those
around her or forgets responsibilities. When she isn’t comfortable with a topic in a conversation, she is likely to jump around and change topics like a squirrel on caffeine. Morgan believes these issues to be related to Kit’s fragmented memories.

Artist Note: Kit is the one character who’s design has barely changed since the story started. She starts with goggles, which change to a simple barrette. Her wings were always there, just hiding. You may have noticed the scars on her back. In an early filler strip there is a brown cat girl with a scar. This was originally supposed to be Kit. That got scrapped fast.

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Name: Taka Nakamura
Age: 27
Species: Tiger / Japanese Bobtail

Taka met Kit some 5 years ago by accident. Fresh out of college with no real life experience, Taka jumped on the bus to head home. The bus made a few additional stops before it began it’s long journey. At the last stop, Kit had boarded the bus. Checking the bus, she found an empty seat next to a rather introverted Taka. About 3 hours into the trip she began to make conversation with him. It was then that Taka found out he jumped on the wrong bus..

Taka took up martial arts not too long after meeting Kit. He was intrigued by her stories. That kind of stuff wasn’t real. Or so he thought it wasn’t real.

Taka is one of five children. He is youngest and the only boy. He sees Kit as an older sister thanks to this.

Taka had been going to college studying Geology. He can read maps with ease, can tell what direction is north, even on a cloudy day.

Artist Note: Taka underwent a makeover early on. While I liked the orange kitty look, I wasn’t happy with it, for how I imagined Taka to act. His hair is still long, the same color and tied back. Same eye color. Just moved his bangs around, bleached him white, painted stripes on him with nail polish and threw out the black nose glasses.

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Name: Kaori Ashen
Age: 17
Species: Red Panda

When Kaori was 10 years old she lost both her parents to a tragic automobile accident. Any family she had was overseas and there was no one to claim her. Kaori spent a few years in and out of foster homes before she finally met Morgan and Kit.

Morgan immediately took Kaori under her wing. For what reason many still ponder. Maybe Morgan saw something special in her or just took pity on her? Either way Kaori holds Morgan in high respect. Kaori views Kit and Taka as older siblings.

Kaori is a very deep thinker. So much so that some may think she is an airhead. Truth is, she was so much into her thinking she missed what else was going on. Due to her past and her current relationships, Kaori is very dedicated to her friends. She would do anything to protect them, help them out, or simply get them to smile. Kaori has a big heart and can easily forgive many wrongs. She enjoys many things a typical teenager does. Hanging with her friends, eating food and playing almost any game. Be it a simple card game or a computer game. She loves games.

Artist Note: Kaori’s hair style has changed a few times, although it’s remained blonde the whole time. The only other notable difference for her are her facial markings. After looking at several photos and drawings of red pandas, I went with something I was more comfortable with.

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Name: Morgan
Age: ??? at start of story • 35 since she was given mortality
Species: Ermine

Not too much is known about Morgan. Her exact age, her origins, her involvement with Kaeru, the list goes on. What we do know about Morgan is that she is a skilled martial artist. We know that she has enhanced senses and great will. She can teach others how to use their will and even their own latent abilities.

Morgan relies greatly on her experience and her intuition. She appears cold and harsh on the outside. Even quick to anger when someone forgets what she’s taught them. However, she does has a soft heart to those that she can truly let close to her. Kaori is one of those people.

Morgan’s favorite color is red. The strings at the end of her hair are her most prized possession. But she isn’t about to tell you why. In wintertime all of Morgan’s fur turns white except the end of her tail and hair.

Artist Note: I love the name Morgan, I used to love the weasel family more than felines, I WANT silver hair badly… Morgan’s design has changed little as well. She might be little, but watch yourself. XD

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Name: Kiera Schu
Age: 32
Species: Iguana

When Kaeru discovered that Morgan was teaching others to suppress his bestowed gifts, he needed to find a way to counter it. Kiera, like many others is a project of Kaeru’s. Kiera thinks she must have done something terrible in a past life to deserve the powers bestowed upon her. Kiera is able to stretch her fingers to extreme lengths. Her fingers can reach many places that conventional means cannot. But that isn’t the her only trick. Due to Kaeru’s generic tampering, Kiera’s fingers can emit waves that re-trigger suppressed powers. However, it comes at the cost of very sensitive hands, and the process is VERY painful. Even though it’s painful, Kiera does anything that garnishes her attention from Kaeru.

Kiera is rarely found without Daichi by her side. She may be skilled in Jui Jitsu, but the strain of re-awakening, puts her at the mercy of others.

Kiera hates feeling useless and weak. She doesn’t understand her value, and always thinks there is something more she could be, something more she could do to further gain the attention (and affection) of Kaeru.

Artist Note: Aside from clothing changes? There’s been no change to Kiera’s appearance. I may forget her freckles on occasion, but that’s accidental. I love her design over all. No ears to draw, 5 frills, 3 fingers, 2 toes, a long thin tail, no long muzzle… heh. Seems simple enough right? Yet, I love her.

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Name: Daichi Ten
Age: 37 at start of story • ???  since he’s actually a god
Species: Canine

Daichi is another one of Kaeru’s projects. Kaeru designed him to be the ultimate body guard. He however was created to be Kiera’s body guard, not Kaeru’s. Kaeru’s can normally handle himself. Daichi is difficult to take down and will throw his life on the line. He is very loyal & dedicated to Kaeru & Kiera.

Daichi appears to be very simple minded, this may be a side effect from his genetic tampering. Daichi was not always simple minded. He was well educated with degrees in many areas. He was also quite the fighting genius and excelled in strategy. These points alone made him of great interest to Kaeru. There is more, but I can’t reveal it all right now. XD

Daichi has red pupils and black sclera. This occurred while Kaeru was ‘improving’ Daichi.

Daichi’s natural hair color is blond. He lost a bet with Kiera and has had to keep in purple all these years. Contrary to his canine genes, Daichi is primarily a vegetarian.

Artist Note: Daichi was originally designed in memory of probably one of my least favorite dogs. I’m not big on canines. Never was. This dog was a yellow lab and he ate the faces off my stuffed animals, not my siblings. Daichi’s color pattern changed a little. But overall, he’s about spot on from day one.

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Name: Kaeru
Age: ??? at the start of the story • 35 since he was granted mortality
Species: Dragon

Some would call him the bad guy. Some call him the love of their life. Some refer to him akin to the devil. Others call him father. Kaeru is a bit of a misunderstood guy. While his ideas may sound ideal, his methods are what people oppose.

Throughout time Kaeru has been trying to improve others, physically. In the past he relied on magic to get the job done. But, in today’s world, he has a new ally to achieve his ideals. Science.

Morgan and Kaeru have always been at opposite ends since the beginnings of their time. Kaeru “fixing” someone. Morgan helping them continue on with their “improved” life. It wouldn’t be so bad, if Kaeru would just ASK the person if they wanted it, instead of just doing it. But what would you expect from one who tampers with powers only a god should have?

Kaeru’s latest fancy is with Kit. He claims her to be near perfect, like himself. His ultimate goal, to create the perfect person. He thinks he has succeeded in that. He made a child, using science, his DNA and Kit’s. Morgan is pissed.

Artist Note: Kaeru’s design has changed, although his colors are the same. After the hiatus, Kaeru got new ears, a new hairstyle with longer hair, a new shirt, new accessories, better horns, and his metal wing has been turned into a more bio-mechanical type looking wing, instead of a cold hard metal thing.

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Name: Pori
Species: Genetic hybrid of dragon, feline and likely more…

Pori is the child Kaeru creates through science. All Kaeru wanted was a child that would live with him forever. He wanted to never see his family die again.

Pori leads a semi-sheltered life. Her father is a tad over protective of her, but for good reason. She was raised by Kaeru, but not without the help of Kiera and Daichi. Pori looks at Kiera in a somewhat motherly way.

As Pori got older she constantly bothered her father for more info on her mother. Kaeru eventually gives in to Pori’s wish and well, read the comic. You’ll see what happened.

Pori has the ability to sense others emotions. She is an empath. She also has the ability to somewhat control others emotions. Fear, happiness, sadness, whatever she wants really. She isn’t always successful on the control part as she has just learned she is capable of this, she needs to learn how to use her powers better.

Artist Note: Pori has only had one real design. Her hair style has changed a little just to regain her youth, I felt she was looking a little TOO old.

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