This page may contains spoilers.
You have been warned.

At the end of Kit’s Story, we see Taka storm off after tell Daichi off. Taka’s Story is about his past, what has happened and why he has a great distaste for gods. It takes place about 15 years PRIOR to Kit’s Story. It will give us a deeper look into why Taka is like he is, and why he cares not for gods. As with Kit’s page, there may be some spoilers if you are just starting to read Taka’s Story. Everyone’s ages reflect their age during this story.

Name: Taka Nakamura
Age at the start of the story: 15
Species: Tiger / Japanese Bobtail

Taka is the youngest of 5 children. He is also the only boy. He gets picked on a bit by his sisters. Teased and forced to dress up in ridiculous outfits. When the truth about his mother comes out Taka takes the worst of the situation and dwells on it for years to come. What is the real driving force behind his distaste for the gods? Time will only tell.

It will be a long time before Taka is taught the most important word of his life. Ambiguous. Taka will deal with anger, resentment, guilt and festering emotional wounds for years to come. But then again, what do you expect when life events hit in the middle of adolescence? I’m hoping you didn’t expect sunshine flavored cookies with chocolate milk. XD

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Name: Kara Nakamura
Age at the start of the story: 19
Species: Tiger / Japanese Bobtail

Kara is the oldest of the siblings. As such she is by default tasked with being the responsible one. At times she had to take care of the others while both parents were working. As such, she felt a tidbit of resentment and took it out on the easiest target. The youngest of the family. She’s the main instigator into Taka being teased, wedgied and dressed in loli-goth.

When Shin tries to kill himself the first time, Kara takes it pretty hard. She takes it upon herself to follow in her father’s footsteps. To also become a graphic designer and to take care of the family. As a result she has little personal time. She kinda forgets that you are supposed to have fun in life as well. It’s not all work.


Name: Talia Nakamura
Age at the start of the story: 18
Species: Tiger / Japanese Bobtail

Talia is the second eldest of the family. She tends to get along well with Taka at least until Kara and the twins show up. Talia tends to keep things to herself. She finds it pointless to argue things because she never feels like she can win. So rather than talk things out, she just stuffs them inside.

With Shin’s suicide attempts, Talia starts stuffing a lot more of her emotions inside and gives off the impression that everything is just fine, which is farthest from the truth. She ends up resorting to alcohol and drugs before Shin and Jennifer intercept and send her to rehab. Here she finds the gods and seemingly is better. She may be sober, but she still hasn’t learned how to best express her opinions and emotions.


Name: Lorna & Leah
Age at the start of the story: 16
Species: Tiger / Japanese Bobtail

Lorna is just a few minutes older than her twin, Leah. Like all twins the two of them are inseparable. They both tend to be chipper and bright eyed. They look to see the good in everything. Even in the worst of the situations, they are there to support each other and their family. They don’t mind showing emotions. They need shoulders to cry on and are a shoulder to cry on.

Being twins tends to keep them connected. Even through all the tough times, they stick together and eventually go into business together. They end up being quite the successful pair, even though they skipped college.


Name: Shin Nakamura
Age at the start of the story: 43
Species: Japanese Bobtail

Shin is your average loving father. An artist at heart, and a damn good one at that. He is a decorated graphic designer. He is dedicated to his family. To his wife. For they are his world.

When Jennifer requests the divorce Shin is side-swiped by it. He never saw it coming. Whether there were signs or not, Shin never noticed them through his rose-colored glasses. With his life partner gone and not just gone for another man, but a woman, how can he compete with that? He doesn’t have the right equipment. Shin doesn’t know what to do with himself. He thinks that no one wants or needs him. And as such he must be worthless. He has no reason to live. Thusly he tries to kill himself and not just once. This causes plenty of problems in the Nakamura household.

Eventually Shin finds the gods. And while they help maintain his sanity (with the medications), the scars from Jennifer are still there. He may have forgiven, but he’ll never forget. Hopefully he can move on and begin a new and better life.


Name: Jennifer Nakamura
Age at the start of the story: 40
Species: Tiger

Jennifer is the tough mom. The manly mom if you will. She does most the manual labor around the house. It’s almost like a role-reversal with Shin. While Jennifer can say she honestly had some feelings for Shin, he just wasn’t the one. He lacked the right equipment. Jennifer has always been gay. It was society and her up-bringing that keept her from being herself. Jennifer was cheating on Shin for some years before she finally came fully out-of-the-closet.

Jennifer knew that making the choice was going to lead to people judging her, hating her. She knew there was a chance her children would also be one of those people. As such she hardened herself in attempts to not let it get to her. It obviously does since Crystal turns out to be the one who helps the children better understand what is happening in their lives.


Name: Crystal Okafor
Age at the start of the story: 33
Species: Thompson’s Gazelle

Crystal is Jennifer’s lover, her partner. While Jennifer had past lovers, Crystal is the one the children first meet. Crystal treats the children as though they are her own children, or younger siblings at times. She acts like both a mother and an older sister to the children. She accepts them and their faults, as they also accept her. She stays upfront and honest with them. Something they truly appreciate, especially with their lives the way they are.

Crystal takes it upon herself to become the go-between for the children and her lover. Being younger, she is able to better relate to the kids and can explain things in a way they understand. Where Jennifer fails at communication, Crystal excels. She becomes a vital person in the healing process for this family. Something they need badly.