The goal of our privacy policy is to explain how your information is being used in plain English. We don’t want to bore you with a lot of legal mumbo jumbo so we keep it short. If after reading you have unanswered questions you may contact us for more details.
What information do we collect about you?
Anonymous visitor statistics: When you visit our site there are certain statistics that are collected automatically such as your IP address and country, date and time of the visit, what browser you are using, etc. This type of information does not include any personal information like your name, email address, or home address that could identify you personally.
User provided information: When you create accounts, make purchases, or leave comments you may be asked for personal information, such as an email address or in the case of purchases you may need to provide payment details such as your name and credit card number. We never collect this type of information automatically, it must be provided to us by you or a third party that you authorize to give us that information (Paypal for example.)
We do use cookies for some of the features on our site, where appropriate. A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer that is used to store information to be used the next time you visit the site. Cookies can provide a convenience for you such as remembering the last email address you used when entering a comment but they are not required to enjoy and participate in the site. You are able to disable cookies in your browser settings and it is our policy to give you the best experience possible whether you choose to use cookie features or not.
What do we do with your information?
Visitor statistics: We use your visitor statistics to better understand who our readers are. We like to know things like what days people choose to visit, if they are new readers, and even which country you visit from. This information is also of interest to our advertising partners (Project Wonderful! for example). If an advertiser sees that most readers visit on Fridays that information will affect when they choose to buy advertising.
User provided information: Some of our features require more information than what we can get anonymously. The only purpose to which we use this extra information is to provide you with those features that you want. We don’t need your real name or credit card number to make a great comic, but if you want to buy some of our swag then that might be some information we’ll need to get it paid for and mailed to you.
Do we sell or trade your information?
Let’s be absolutely clear: We do not sell your information. The closest we get is sharing visitor statistics with our advertising partners so we can have advertisement on our site. We do send information to third parties in order to provide certain features on the site (for example your email is shared with Gravatar when you want to use a custom avatar when you make a comment). Anonymous visitor statistics are shared with third parties (Google) in order to provide us with visitor analytics services. We use third parties to process all payments so whenever you make a purchase you are providing your personal information to a third party (such as Paypal). Our business is making comics, not selling your information.