I must apologize. I did not know that there was an error on the site. And from my best guesses it was down for 4-7 days. It was up last Friday because the comic was posted and my Twitter auto-tweeted it then. But this morning I realized there was no tweet associated with today’s update and low and behold, a php file in a plugin took a dump and killed everything. I resolved the matter as quickly as I could.

Sadly, no one had mentioned it to me that the site was down. I avoid visiting the site to keep analytics as true as possible, so I didn’t notice either.

Anyways, I’ll keep posting the ChoGin comics for a bit, then art otherwise. I don’t know when or if I will resume any personal comic projects. It kills me to not be doing it, and in a way it’s also a relief. I hate feeling so conflicted. LOL

Also, here is something I worked on this week. It was posted to tumblr on Wednesday.

Agent Ginpu