Thinking of trying to setup a Patreon. Just trying to think what to offer as milestones, etc. Plus what to write in the first place – ideas?

The comic of course would still be free, the regular weekly updates. I would offer BONUS material/content. Like I would do an extra update for every X amount of dollars each month, up to 4 extras for twice a week. FOR EXAMPLE – for $300 a month, 2 extra updates on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month. For $600 4 extra updates for each Tuesday. If X amount was donated there would be no ads on the site for that month. Etc. Etc. Since I still have a regular job, I can’t do too much for extra updates.

Individual rewards would probably be like if you donate $10 a month, I’ll do a sketch for you. For those that donate X amount, I’d show the sketch files and storyboards. Maybe first dibs on extra art viewing or exclusive art stuff.

I know I’m dependable as I have always had something up for y’all on Fridays and I have no further intentions of hiatuses.

So… thoughts on milestone rewards one might be motivated for? Without reader feedback I won’t know what to offer y’all. Any input greatly appreciated. Thanks bunches! ^^