I estimate in the next 2 weeks I’ll be posting to begin pre-orders of Taka’s book. It’s going to be a trade paperback, manga sized. There will be a color cover and all the inside pages will be full color. The book will be at least 78 pages. The cost will be $9.99.

I will likely be adding an artist’s version as I did for Issue #2 & #3 of Kit’s Story. It will have a sketch of a Ginpu character on inside front cover (your choice) and front cover signed & dated. I may include a little something extra, as soon as I can figure out what that might be. The cost for this will be between $17 & $20. (+shipping & handling)

I should also be offering up digital versions of the book, which will be handled by IndyPlanet, cost will likely be around $3.99.

I’m still looking to see if anyone has some fan art they’d like to submit to be printed in the books. Also I am looking to see if anyone has any reader’s comments they’d like added. I have a few pieces of both, but am always looking for more to add. :3

The pages and cover are nearly finished. I apologize for the delay in everything but life happens sometimes. LOL I do hope we will have some of the new story scripted & drawn in time for the new year. Once the comic begins again, updates will resume to once a week.

One last thing to note, all of Kit’s books should be available digitally soon. I also may be combining the 3 into one magazine sized trade paperback. The cost is probably going to be around $10. There will be no special editions for this one though. This is something I’ve been wanting to offer for some time now. I know how confusing it Kit’s story can be, but I feel putting it all together in one place like this really helps for it to make a lot more sense.

Back to working on comics and art!