Don’t worry this isn’t a bad news thing. XD

Let’s try and get this in chronological order. First we have the bonus pages. I finally have them sketched and have begun inking them. I expect Taka’s book to be available before the year is over.

Next up is the new story. Troy and I have been going over and over what’s going to happen. We are building the entire universe. From the beginning of time to the end. Get a solid structure down on this whole thing. We’ve run into a few snags with continuing forward while keeping in mind the stuff that has already happened in the 2 other stories. While looking back at Kit’s Story I almost want to trash the whole thing. There are so many things that don’t make sense now… but I’ll save you the rant-n-ramble on that one. Needless to say expect changes, but we are still pushing forward. I still hope to have this started before the year is over. Just know we are working hard on this (and we both have 40+ hour a week jobs T^T)

T-shirt… yeah um… NEXT!

Webcomics What’s Cooking? You may have noticed that banner up top? If you use the code mentioned you’ll save a little on the price, and help feed families in the US & Canada this holiday season. Help out others while helping yourself to some awesome recipes.

Speaking of Webcomics, or more correctly TGT, the schedule is opened for 2012. Are you a webcomic artist and want to be on the podcast? Get with Kurt!

Another thing about podcasts… is there an anthro webcomic artist you’d like to hear on a podcast? Let me know! We should be having a special month in 2012 where I’ll be the co-host for a month long of anthro webcomics. I’ll pass along the info to Kurt so he can chase… er I mean contact those artists to see if they’d be interested in being in a podcast. πŸ™‚ Or maybe I’ll hunt them down. hehe.

On that note… I’m hungry and haven’t eaten since lunch and it’s almost bedtime. XD (I think that was everything…)