Hello everyone. As the title says, it’s nice to meet you. I am Ginpu’s fiance and, starting recently, also the co-writer for what we call at this point, “Ginpu comics”. Specifically I will be helping create the next story in the series following Kit’s Story and it’s prequel, Taka’s Story. My name is Troy but on the netwebs I usually go by Phizuol or sometimes ファイズー. I am not an artist by trade, but I have drawn and written a few things in my time (http://phizuol.deviantart.com/ for example.) Not impressive by any stretch, but that’s my story.

This is a long post, and I just covered the essential part so feel free to skip the rest if you’re busy!

The Ginpu stories started out as humble as could be. Basically a challenge to publish anything comic-ish on the web and see how long Ginpu-the-artist could keep it up. I kept my distance and maintained a very objective attitude so that A) the comics could be wholly a creation by Ginpu and not influenced by me and B) I could give objective criticism and not just always say, “It’s great!”

The result of her efforts now are multiple years of comics and two complete stories. The first, Kit’s Story, was written practically page by page. Each week Ginpu would hardly know what happens next any more than the readers did. The second, Taka’s Story, was written with a rough outline which was filled in with comics week by week. Originally I had envisioned that each of her stories would be completely separate, learning from mistakes in earlier stories and fixing them in the next. However, Ginpu felt the world and characters from the first story were strong enough to be used in the second, and now third, story as well (I hope you agree they are strong enough too.)


Problems became apparent near the end of Taka’s story when Ginpu began creating the pages that link the two stories together. The lack of planning, especially from Kit’s story, was a real obstacle in figuring out how it should go. Many times we looked back at the story to try to even remember what happened before and try to make sense of it. The end result was that I stepped in with a suggestion which resulted in a lot of the dialog, almost word for word, in the final page of Taka’s story: http://www.ginpu.us/2011/04/29/the-end/ Now I’ve been pulled completely into the Ginpu project to do more of the same.

So if you have read this far, bless you. If you can spare a little more attention I want to discuss what’s coming next. First, fear not, I still want to avoid interference with Ginpu’s creativity. I have no plans to touch the imagery and I have stressed that my writing will always be a suggestion which can be modified as she sees fit. I won’t be surprised if my influence is noticeable, but I hope to keep all the good things that make this site a Ginpu creation.

What we have done so far is create an entire timeline, or “world line” as we call it, for the story universe in rough detail. Then we placed Taka’s Story and Kit’s Story in the timeline in a way that everything should make perfect sense (as long as you know all the secrets like we do.) The goal is that we can create some real world-shaking events in this third story without a lot of funny business like plot holes. Ideally we can move the story along a lot faster too since our characters’ motives will be clear and the story will write itself. Then Ginpu is free to focus on great art.

In closing, my goal for this next story is to really have a living world that will draw readers in. The example I always feed from is the original Star Wars trilogy. A fairly simple story in a very complex world – but where much of the complexity is NEVER revealed to viewers. What is a power converter and where the heck is Beggar’s Canyon? Who knows, but it sounds pretty cool right? The characters feel like they are from real places and are talking about real things. To me, when a character like that feels emotion it feels real too. I hope we can make you feel some real emotion from our characters too.

Finally I will leave you with a warning: I hate stories where you’re never worried something truly bad will happen. If I have my way, when Ginpu characters are in danger you WILL be worried. Muahaha! }=)