Friday night, Yoru, our black kitty passed away. We dont know exactly what he had.

Back in April we treated him for 2 weeks with clavamox. Near the end he threw up, once.

On June 11, we brought both Ayane & Yoru in for their annual vaccinations. We had a chest x-ray done on Yoru since the previous visit left us wondering if he had asthma.

The x-ray showed allergies and fluids. We started him on a 2 week treatment of clavamox. This time he got sick instantly and threw up several times. We stopped the antibiotics and gave him pepcid and a diuretic. There was barely any improvement. He was miserable, thirsty, hungry & sleep deprived.

Monday morning he was having labored breathing. We brought him to the vet and he was put right into an oxygen cage. They did an x-ray. This time there was no visible places for air in his lungs. So the vets kept him in the cage for 3 days. Thursday they told us his lungs look 100% better (and they did) and that we could brung him home. We just had to give him injectible antibiotics. No problem. He was grooming himself, purring and wanting to play while at the vets.

Friday morning he didn’t do any of those things. No purrs, no play. Just very weak and dragging himself all over. Troy spoke to the vet because he was concerned. The vet said it’s normal for them to be restless etc while they readjust to home.

I came home. Gave him some attention and love. Around 7:30 he started having what I can best describe as a seizure. His breathing was rapid, but he was getting oxygen. His gums and tongue were still pink. We called the vets and they tried to call the vet who was treating him. Meanwhile Yoru calmed down for a few minutes. The vets calked back instructing us to go to the ER vet some 45-60 minutes away. Just as we were getting ready to head out another seizure occurred. It reminded me of when Gabrielle died. He had gotten his paw into his mouth and was biting down on it. We pried his mouth open, which was no easy task, to pull his foot out. We grabbed a towel for him to bite down on.

We got him and stuff into the car. Yoru is still spazzing at this point. I realize I left the address on the counter and am about to go get it. Troy tells me not to worry about it. Yoru had taken his last breath in his daddy’s lap.

It was so scary. Seeing him in pain & not being able to help him.

We came back inside. Wrapped him in a towel and cried a lot before calling the vet to tell them he’s gone.

After a while we packed up again to bring him to the vet for proper end of life care.

He may have had heart disease. The initial x-ray worried the doc. There was a halo around his heart. It could have been heart disease or it was the infection. We were going to have a cardiogram performed once he was doing better. He could have also been so sleep deprived that his body gave up. He hadn’t eaten or drank for us on Friday. He did Thursday night, and I know he used the litter box 3 times. Two #1’s and a #2.

Friday night I didn’t want to go to sleep because when I knew when I woke up I’d know he wouldn’t be there laying on my phone, purring in my face. He wouldn’t be there waiting for me at the bathroom trying the herd me off to bed for cookies. He wouldn’t be there to shake, to give me a high 5, or to give me a full ten. I’d know without a doubt that this was not just a bad dream.