I’m accepting commissions. If interested, just click the link it’ll take you to the commissions page. This has instructions as well as the disclaimer and all that jazz.

April 6th, like every year, is my birthday. Typically I don’t do a comic page for this week, but this year there will be a page.

Taka’s story is rapidly coming to a close. Just 5 pages left.  So what’s on my plate after that? Well, to be honest? I’m taking a break. It’s been over 4 years of making sure that at LEAST there was an update every week. I’m going to use the time off to refocus my efforts on learning Japanese. I’ve fallen terribly behind in my studying. I haven’t learned a new kanji in MONTHS and I haven’t reviewed them in a long long time either.

I’m not going to quit drawing. Not now. Not ever. I just finally got down a style I’m happy about. I haven’t even really been able to show it off that much. I’ve been thinking of who to do a comic about next. I can see the responses from you all, and take those into consideration. The next comic will be drawn in this style. I’m just coming up blank on stories. Hopefully some time off will help me figure this out. There should still be art updates to the site regularly.

Hopefully I will have more blog posts too. I want to review and recap all the anime I’ve watched in the past few years. I want share that information with you. (I’ve watched a lot of anime. This list is only what I’ve watched on Crunchyroll, I’ve watched just as much off Crunchyroll.) The site should also undertake a revamping. Learn a little more css and all that fun stuff. I should also be adding a fanart gallery. This will be art done by others of the characters in the comics or Ginpu herself.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Subscribe to the RSS or Follow Ginpu on Twitter to stay up to date with what’s happening. 🙂