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☆ Monkey Majik &  ぬらりひょんのまご (Nurarihyon no Mago) ☆

At the beginning of the summer anime season a new anime came out. It was called ぬらりひょんのまご (Nurarihyon no Mago). Nurarihyon is a Japanese yokai, looks like a little old man and is believed to be the supreme commander of all yokai. The anime includes so many different yokai. But this post isn’t about the anime specifically. It’s about the opening themes for both the summer and fall seasons. Monkey Majik did them both. If you haven’t heard of Monkey Majik, I seriously recommend you check them out. There are several albums out, many, but not all, are available on iTunes. (International red tape and all).

The first season had the song Fast Forward. I fell in love with it instantly. This second season used the song Sunshine. I think it’s just a freaking awesome song. I love the sound of it so much I had to make this post and recommend that y’all check out the band. There are 4 people in the band. 2 Canadian brothers and 2 Japanese members. The music is just so smooth and cheerful. It’s a mix of Japanese and English lyrics. I can only implore that you check them out. Sunshine was just released yesterday over in Japan.

Take a moment, check them out. I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed. ^_^