There were some unfortunate events towards the end of the 3rd round of the
TGT Webcomics 2nd Annual Podcast Tournament, however, GINPU is moving on the the Semi-Finals!

One final week of FIERCE voting is in store. Once this round is won, and I hope to win it, it’s the Finals which will be a much, much, much easier and extremely less intense week. 😀

Every voting day I have and will continue to upload a sketch. Even though voting was cut short by 2 days for my bracket last round, I still did the sketches I would have done. Every time I upload the sketch it is posted to the Ginpu website,, deviantART, Fur Affinity, to the Ginpu fan page on Facebook, as well as my personal Facebook page!

Spread the word. Tweet, post, blog, journal, update, status… socially network. Tell your friends, family and more! Help me show the world what Ginpu is all about.

FIGHT ON!!! Let’s end this thing on the highest note of all!!! ♥

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