Friends, Readers, artists, lend me your eyes; I come to you, to ask for your support!

The TGT Webcomics 2nd Annual Podcast Tournament is upon us. I wish to bring GINPU to the eyes of all. In order to advance, I must win the first round, and I will require your help to do this!

Voting begins Today and lasts all week long! I ask your support and your votes! You can vote once per day, per battle. So, if you see other webcomics you want to vote for, feel free to lend them a hand. Please find the few moments each day to vote.

Every day I will upload a sketch for as long as I am in the running!

Spread the word. Tweet, post, blog, journal, update, status… socially network. Tell your friends, family and more! Help me show the world what Ginpu is all about.

Check out Ginpu all over the web!
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