I’m typing this on my iPhone which is a tad more difficult than I would like. But I digress. It’s been messing up for about 5 days now. Far as I can tell it’s been gone all day. Wasn’t working this morning. Isn’t working now. I’ll still get Friday’s comic done in time. However I may not be able to upload it on time. I can’t do anything with work’s computers due to the nature of my job. So I’m just giving y’all a head’s up. The comic runs the chance of being late. I can’t say for sure when the net will be working. They do know there is a problem with the line and that a tech has to come out. However scheduling that tech is the hard part. If I take time off at work I get paid nothing. My job lacks benefits entirely. Phiz needs the net to work from home. So no net means he won’t be doing that. It’s month end and he can’t take time off.

Just keep your eyes peeled on my Twitter. @Ginpu I’ll keep that updated.

And nope. I can’t upload from my iPhone. Already thought about that. /: I’ll try what I can to be on time but I can’t make promises when it’s something entirely out of my hands.