Let’s give you some updates for fun.

• I have an interview on Monday at 10:45 for a permanent position in the Health Department. Working as a clerk for IDP. That’s indigent drug program. It’s where we work with pharmaceutical companies to get people with financial hardships the medicines they need at greatly reduced costs, sometimes free. It’s not art, but a permanent position would get me health insurance again, which I am in need of, especially since we may have identified one of my long problems as my gallbladder. I have a family history of scarred ones. Moving on…

• I just did page #21 of Taka’s story. I’m not even halfway done. I have 54 pages scripted. I want to make it at least 2 books. so 10 more pages is what I need to fill (2) 32 page books. 🙂 I have ideas on Kiera’s past as well as Kaori’s. I need to just sit down and write it up, after I finish writing Taka’s story.

• I cleaned up the store from for the comic. Things are organized and it tells you which shop to hit depending on the items you desire. There was too much redundancy and too much clutter. Someone mentioned I should have a certain strip made into buttons. But I already had that made so I was like yeah, I gotta clean this stuff up, and low and behold I did! Check it out! http://www.ginpu.us/store/

• Speaking of the storefront… Both Issues #2 & #3 are now available at IndyPlanet! As is #1 still. Interested? Check it out! http://www.indyplanet.com/store/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=ginpu&osCsid=mdet56ornq787jab2v20b7tc40

• And speaking of Issues #2 and #3, I mailed out the pre-orders last Sunday. People got their goods. As an added bonus I included original signed artwork to the people who pre-ordered (I sprayed it to preserve the pencil), handmade tassels to the bookmarks, and a handwritten letter thanking them for their support (my hand hurt from writing! LOL) Here’s a pic of the stuff that made it to England! http://twitpic.com/1nya2r Oh yeah, and I gave them some of my business cards to share! Free ADVERTISING! LOL

• Podcasts, Podcasts. I’ve co-hosted 2 and been the subject of 1 of them. I also will be co-hosting for at least 2 more this year. I will be co-hosting Episode 114 which will be about Chris & Third Child of MISFILE! Totally stoked! And Episode 121 which will be featuring Alex from Garanos. Again, stoked. I’ll keep you updated as time comes closer. We don’t have dates yet, but Misfile is early August and Garanos is October. Here are the links to the past podcasts!
Colby & Ron Purcell of LINT – http://tgtwebcomics.com/archive/2010/ep91-lint/
Michelle of GINPU – http://tgtwebcomics.com/archive/2010/ep94-ginpu/
Tom Szewc of ALONE IN A CROWD –

• Speaking of August, I intend to be in a small comic book and toy convention in Tampa on August 8th. Waiting to hear back from the sponsor. It’ll be my first convention as an artist. It’s a small one day, 6 hour convention, but it’s a great start con I think. I’m hoping to share a table with Ken Drab of Rick the Stick since he lives over there and we talked it up a bit at the May 2nd show.

• And local artists… I ran into one at the local Petco here in town. She had asked me about my Ginpu Shirt I was wearing. Turns out it was someone who’s art I thought was just flat out adorable. She only lives in the next town south which made me all OMG! A local anthro webcomic artist. NO SHIT! I’m hoping to talk to her a bit more often and all that. Oh who is it? centch

I just would love to have a local artist friend… course knowing me I’ll screw it up somehow. I have such a hard time making friends with people outside of the net. Probably cause I’m such a tard in person.

• My eco-granola-green life is progressing well. My little garden outside looks nice. Have at least 6 tomatoes growing, now to get them to turn RED! LOL. A few green beans are growing too. The other stuff still hasn’t produced fruits just yet. But they will soon enough. I’m just happy with it. :iconphizuol: put up a clothesline on the porch for me too, so I can dry clothes outside and use less electricity. We already noticed a drop in the electric bill from me turning off the second A/C at night and cutting the dryer’s drying time in half. And some other changes we’ve made, little ones, but the electric bill is less and all this required little effort. Nice eh?

• My Japanese learning is finally moving forward. I’m only 25%ish done with the required 2042 kanji (543) but I’m getting them stuck in my head again and am learning. I’ve also started learning a few sentences. Those are actually a little harder, but that’s cause I’m not used to them. heh.

• I also finally went clothes shopping. I got 2 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of jeans, another pair of work pants that all fit normal. It’s been a pain in the ass constantly pulling my pants up because they were too lose. Weight loss is great, but buying new clothes still sucks. LOL. Also got a couple pairs of new shoes. Bass Outlet was having a sale on their shoes yesterday. Buy 1 pair get 2 free. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted new flip-flops and work shoes. So I got those and a pair of sandals too. 🙂 I like Bass shoes. I spent a bit of money yesterday, but I needed it. heh.

I think that’s all. I know this was a big journal, but I’ve not updated in quite some time and I felt a lot of this stuff was of some importance. Chances are most of you didn’t even get this far. LOL. But hey, what can ya do? It’s up to you just how interested you are in this stuff about me or now. heh. Anyways, gonna go switch out the laundry and get stuff off the line outside and get to grocery shopping soon.
Happy Sunday!