Anyone out there wanna be in the Ginpu comic? Cameo spots, just two at the moment. There will be others later in the year. (I don’t feel like coming up with new characters, LOL)

CONDITIONS: If you would like your character to be a cameo, post here with a link to your character pic (detailed and colored only please). The cameo is for a spot as a doctor, need 2 different ones. The character has to fit in this world. Any animal or hybrid animal goes. Bipedal, 1 headed, 2 arms, 2 legs, tails and wings are go. No rainbow brights please (ie extreme funky coloring and markings).

Your character will be a fill as one of 2 different doctors. I will not use them for anything else in the comic. Also, by you participating in the cameo with your character, you are giving me permission to print your characters in Ginpu – Taka’s Story #1. I will credit you as the owner of the character, so be sure to let me know how to display your name and website link.

I will choose the characters I feel fit the role best. So post a link to your character!