Well I kinda saw this coming and I hate to do this. However when I think back to when I first started the comic, it was done only once a week. I know more often is better. However IF all I had in my life was my job and the comic, this would work fine. However, I have more in my life. I have a boyfriend of over 6 years that I feel I have no time for. I feel like I am ignoring him a lot more than I ever have in the past. I have things I want to do for myself. Draw some other art for myself. Maybe draw art for others. I want to live my life again. That includes playing games. I need more time back to do things for myself, to spend time again with Troy. To just have life again, and not just work and comics.

I think this will start in April. So this will be the last week of 2x updates. It’s been a hard decision to make. But I can’t keep up with it and still feel like I’m having a life I want to live.

So I apologize to everyone out there who’s read the comic for so long, to the new readers, to my supporters and to my friends.