As I get nervous about people hearing mah voice, I’m still excited and anxious about the podcast tomorrow night!

March 14, 2010 @ 9PMEST (that’s 21:00 for the rest of you). I’ll be co-hosting with Kurt, and we’ll be interviewing Colby Purcell & her husband, Robert.

Colby is the creator of Lint & Pygmalion in Space. I’m feeling a little fangirl-ish here…

Please join us on March14th for this live podcast. Just a little over 36 hours away! Keep your eyes on my Twitter accout, @Ginpu, on TGT’s twitter, @Vertigo_X, and on Colby’s twitter, @colbyfromage.

A little bit about Colby’s two webcomics. Lint is a fantasy webcomic involving elves, half-elves, humans, orcs, dwarves and more! It’s tongue-in-cheek. At times dramatic, and others just out in the left field. It’s certainly a great read!

Pygmalion in Space is her new webcomic. It’s only a few pages so far, but I am already intrigued with it. The character, Reason Defoe, is being sent off into space to “travel farther and faster than our fathers ever imagined.”