I was feeling generous and made Mr. Sasso a bunch of banners for his site. Sometimes I can be nice!

This just happens to be my favorite one that I did. I hope Mr. Foglio is not upset that this was the one part that really stuck out in my mind. LOL. He was asked a question and this was part of his response. The entire podcast was just great overall as well. Go check it out!

Now onto the main situation here. Episode 91 will air, LIVE, on March 14, 2010. I will be co-hosting with Kurt, and we’ll be interviewing TGT’s 2nd place winner, Colby Purcell. Colby is the creator of Lint & Pygmalion in Space. I’m quite stoke and even more so nervous at this opportunity. Please join us on March14th for this live podcast. Stay tuned and most importantly keep your eyes on my Twitter accout, @Ginpu. Also might not hurt to keep your eyes on TGT’s twitter as well, @Vertigo_X. Colby also has a twitter account, @colbyfromage.

Now a little bit about Colby’s two webcomics. Lint is a fantasy webcomic involving elves, half-elves, humans, orcs, dwarves and more! It’s tongue-in-cheek. At times dramatic, and others just out in the left field. It’s certainly a great read!

Pygmalion in Space is her new webcomic. It’s only a few pages so far, but I am already intrigued with it. The character, Reason Defoe, is being sent off into space to “travel farther and faster than our fathers ever imagined.”