We have an important announcement to make here. I will go ahead and hand the soapbox over to Kaeru, the closest thing we have here, to an evil genius.

<Kaeru glares at Ginpu and takes the stand>

“Minions! Worshipers! Grovelers! The sludge between my toes! We all know I am your favorite character here (and if I’m not, I will change that!). Ginpu has fool heartily entered an evil genius war without thinking about HOW she’d pull it off. Lucky for her, I exist!”

“Let’s get down to business. War has been declared. I need… no demand that you assist in this matter. The word must get out there, and it must spread far and wide. As my dedicated minions, you will follow my orders and you will see this thing through! For the remainder of this war there is no Ginpu, only Kaeru!”

“Click straight over to the following sites and review Ginpu.”

“Then get over to these sites and place your vote and rate the comic high!”

“What will you get for your efforts? My gratitude, what else do you need?!? Oh, so the masses demand more? Fine, fine. I will force Ginpu to reward you for your efforts. The peon who puts forth the most effort will be rewarded with art from Ginpu. A full color digital piece with or without a back-splash. (Regular rules apply)

<Kaeru hands the soapbox back to Ginpu>

Each review will count as 1 point. Let Ginpu know that a review has been placed, links or it didn’t happen. If you place a review on another place not listed, just tell us so we can add it to your score. The person at the end with the most points, wins. The war ends on March 21st at midnight. Be sure you get your reviews in before then. (A tally for the reviews will be updated in the forums.)

<Kaeru knocks Ginpu off the soapbox in a flying kick>

“Now go, GO! Off with you like the wind. Hurry my minions, the clock is ticking. Failure is not an option.”

<Kaeru lets out a roaring evil laugh>