A few months ago Vertigo_X tweeted about gathering guests for his podcast, TGT Webcomics, this year. I volunteered since I need to break out of my shell. 🙂 My podcast is scheduled for the 1st week of April. I will let you know more when I have a definite date.

I spoke with Vertigo_X, ie Kurt Sasso, this morning over Skype. I’m quite a shy person, despite my more outgoing online personality. But for some reason when I become audible, vocal? I tend to freak out and seize up. The first few minutes were a little shaky, but after I made it through that I was fine. So I’m actually now a bit anxious in a positive way for the podcast instead of nervous. 😀

I also volunteered to co-host 2 of his shows later in the year. In August I should be co-hosting when he interviews Chris from Misfile. Then on October I should be co-hosting when he interviews Alex from Garanos.  I like both these comics, and am stoked in a fangirl kind-of-way. hehe.

TGT Webcomics is a Live podcast made by webcomic readers, for all readers as they look and interview webcomics authors and artists from around the internet. They are not critics or authors or artists. (Although, sometimes the co-hosts may be. But, they were first readers like everyone else.) They are simply readers that truly enjoy sharing their knowledge of webcomics and impart their thoughts to everyone else, always from a reader’s perspective.

Here’s some useful links to TGT Webcomics.
Guest List – http://tgtwebcomics.com/guests/
Kurt on Twitter –
The podcasts are available on iTunes under TGT Webcomics or on the TGT Webcomics website.