Being back in the workforce has certainly thrown me a curve ball here. I thought I would be fine, but it’s becoming so increasingly difficult, thank you chronic illnesses, I have to make this announcement. Trust me, I hate myself for it.

Starting tomorrow, November 30th, GINPU will be updating 2x a week. Currently it is updating 3x a week. However, I cannot keep this as a promise to you all. I don’t want to have you hoping the comic will be there and have it not show up, so instead, I am telling you the schedule is twice a week.

Now, here’s another catch. If I find I CAN squeeze in a third comic during the week, it will happen on Wednesdays. So subscribe to the RSS on the site to be sure you are up to date with the current happenings.

So until further notice, expect new comics on Monday & Friday. Subscribe to the RSS.