Several things I wanted to note here, so I’ll make bullets of the items in order, so you can read all of the journal, or just the part that interests you.
• 20,000 Pageviews on deviantART
• Secret Santa – Do you know of any?
• Working Again – What does it mean for the comic?
• Commission Specials – Will I have one for the holidays?
• More Swag Designs & Stores

• 20,000 Pageviews on deviantART
I didn’t get a chance to do a thank you image as things have been a bit hectic lately. Feels like just a month ago I was thanking everyone for 10,000 pageviews. So here’s my heartfelt thank you to all the watchers, fans & friends who’ve supported me so far and continue to support me. 😀

Do you know of any Secret Santas happening that involve OCs? Preferably anthro artists as that is what I do, and what my OCs are.

It’s been a full year since I worked last. Last Friday was my first day. It’s just a retail job at the bookstore and calendar stand in the mall. But, because I haven’t worked or been overly active in such a long time, I was flat out exhausted on Friday. Took most of Saturday to recuperate. I worked on Monday too. Only 6.5 hours, but it wiped me out. I slept over 10 hours on Tuesday and I still felt fatigued from it. (How the hell can I do a full time job at this rate?!?) Today I’ll be drawing the next 2 comics. So far there is no change in my expectations. I expect I can still update 3 times a week, but I WILL keep you all updated.

I need to find the time to come up with a holiday sample. I have a theme in mind. I just need to translate it into actual artwork. I plan to make it easily affordable too. So keep your eyes open for more information. Soon as I have the sample art done, I will upload it and update a blog for it.

I opened up a shop on Red Bubble as well now. So we have 3 different options for getting swag. Why did I add Red Bubble? For one it’s free to me. Secondly they offer many more colors of their shirts, and they use American Apparel T-shirts as well. So I know the shirt is good quality.
As you know from last week, I added more designs for my shops. Well I added a the Chibi Cast image to several products at all the Ginpu Stores.