I promised everyone I would give an update when I returned from NJ. Again I thank the 3 artists who helped me out so that you all could still read the story instead of me giving you nothing or crap for a week. πŸ˜€

So as I mentioned in an older journal, this one: http://www.ginpu.us/2009/09/02/situation-need-help/ , I was going to see a doctor to get a diagnosis that may help me get SSI. It was a big blow to my self pride when I first applied for SSI, but as time went on I realized, how the hell am I supposed to work? Who’s going to give me the leeway I had at my old job? Most employers don’t give a shit about your well-being and consider chronic illnesses excuses because they just don’t understand. Many people are the same way. So if you have something negative to say, don’t say anything.

So after an hour and a half in his office, the doctor’s diagnosis is:
Late stage systematic chronic illness associated with Lyme disease/tick borne disease. Patient has multiple deficiencies resulting in disability.

He’s increased my Lyrica, which is helping my sleep a little bit. He’s given me several prescriptions to help with my sleep, bruxism, cognitive impairments, and depression. As well as energy levels.

So I have to spend a couple hours creating a new SSI case. Here’s hoping it gets approved this time. It will take a load off my shoulders if it does, and I can concentrate more on improving my art and in turn my comic. So here’s hoping. πŸ™‚