I have to make a last minute visit to New Jersey from September 20th-26th. I’m hoping to enlist the aid of fellow artists. I need help getting at least 3 comics for that week finished. I will provide the script, frame & details. All you have to do is sketch the comic. I can handle inking and toning, sketching takes me forever.
Just know that these strips will be put into one of the Ginpu comic issues, and proper credit will be given in print and on the web to those that help me out.

For those interested in more details, read on. Hopefully I summarized it enough.

Those closest to me know but I’m not one to hide things. Back in March I applied for Social Security Disability. I was denied and I appealed. Again denied. SSI thinks that my conditions aren’t enough and I can find easier work. But I don’t know what could be easier than graphic design. And I’ve been searching for jobs and come up empty handed.

My mother, the wonderful lady she is, is paying to fly me up to see her doctor who treats her for various ailments. She is also footing the doctor bill, this comes to $600. The purpose is to be properly diagnosed and have the report written up that should get me approved. I have several chronic illnesses and may still have Lyme which this doctor is a specialist in.

The illnesses & complications I possess that you may or may not be aware of: Fibromyalgia, TMJ, Bruxism, Alpha-Delta Sleep Disorder (alpha-EEG anomaly), Depression, Fatigue, Hypothyroidism, and Arthritis. I may also have Lyme, which is a big contributor to the TMJ, Bruxism, Depression and Arthritis. There may be other problems. Needless to say I am always tired and fatigued. I tend to be on the depressed side of things because of all this. I still push forward and give you all a smiling face because who am I to bring you down? You are here to see my art and have positive experiences, no? I have amazing willpower, but sometimes the physical body wins in the battle of mind-over-matter.