Just wanted to say enjoy your parents while you have them. This week I found out my ex-husband’s father passed on the 27th. I liked his dad. He fell ill last week out of the blue. My ex last saw him conscious Friday. Next morning his heart stopped. He was revived, made some progress Sunday and then had a seizure on the 26th. After that, no reaction to stimuli. It’s sad.

About an hour ago, friend Mike, aka WarlordMike, his mom passed this morning. She was battling blood cancer and was in the hospital for months. She just saw her birthday not too long ago. I feel bad cause there’s nothing I can do for either of them due to different situations.

So I’m just reminding the rest of you to enjoy your parents no matter what because you never know when the day comes that they will not live to see the next.

Tod & Mike, both you and your families are in my thoughts.