June 22, 2009 Update –
I received some monies, I thanked the people via email, but I really wish I knew who they were. Are they on DA, FA, or do they read my comic regularly?

Yesterday she got 3 baths and I have washed a bunch of towels and sheets. We increased her sub-cutaneous fluids, but so much that her bladder can’t hold it and she pees in her sleep. Messy messy.

We just got back from there not too long ago. Sorry to not respond sooner. We are trying prednisone. It’s a steroid. If she isn’t better in two days, or if my heart can’t handle tomorrow, her time on earth is done. I thought her ears looked less yellow, but after forcing food and medicine in her a few moments ago, I cried. They look even more yellow. Her pee is bright yellow which means her body is getting rid of the bili-stuff that causes jaundice, but I don’t think fast enough. I’m to continue force feeding her Gerber Stage 2 human baby food and give her 150ml of sub-cu fluids a day.

When I tried to give her the prednisone straight out tonight she barfed it right up, so I had to mix it with her baby food and smart water (since smart water has electrolytes).

I cried several times because I don’t know if I am being selfish trying to solve this stuff for myself, or for her. Her actions tell me it’s time to go, but Troy and the Doc are like let’s try one more thing. I don’t know what to think, I feel wrong with the choice that was made tonight.