I don’t mean the rainbow bridge either. Here’s the past couple days of what’s been happening with Amano. I’ve been making daily updates on the forums but I wanted to let you all know out here in case the forums scare you. Sometimes people don’t join because they are afraid they won’t fit into the community that exists. But I’ll tell you, as long as you can take jokes and not berate anyone, you’ll fit in fine.

There is some improvement. Creatinine and phosphorus levels have a slight decrease. Started on addtl supplement to bring kidney under control and nausea. potassium level is normal. He still has nausea, puked at noon a little. He is still a work in progress. He is passing urine. Not bloated. They’ll retest tomorrow. hopefully more improvement. They have hope for him. They gave him dry KD food. Trying to see if he’ll eat that. It’s a kidney diet food.

Not responding well to the fluids. A lot of fluids under his skin. He’s not absorbing the fluids. Bring him home? He’s gained 2 lbs. from the fluids. He isn’t eating. but he hasn’t thrown up since yesterday. He’s hyper-salivating. She said that’s usually from the enzymes.
If he keeps accumulating the fluids that isn’t good. Trying a new drug to try and get the creatinine down. Sounded like Lasix. His creatinine went back up today a little. That means his kidneys aren’t processing the fluids. It’s still real iffy on what’s going on. He’s staying another day. it’s gonna be maybe another $60 she said. So yeah. I’m fucking crying over here, and trying to keep it under control. I’ve not given up on him but things don’t look good.

He looks good today, yet his paperwork looks different. The vet really thinks another day is going to give us the best idea of what to expect. He was meowing, bright, attentive, his salivating has gone down, he even urinated once. She offered him some Fancy Feast, he went up to it, stuck his nose in it and then sat down. But the creatinine went up again. And the phosphorous is still high. She wants to give the lasix another day to work, she’s going to up the dose. If he had eaten she almost would have said go ahead and take him home with you, do the sub-cu fluids. He’s getting fluids via IV right now, but they are turning sub-cu on him since he won’t absorb them. We went to see him last night 5-19. It may have had a positive effect on him emotionally at least. I plan to go again tonight. If nothing changes tomorrow, we’ll have to make a decision on what to do next. And that isn’t what I want to do.

His creatinine went down to 19, 2 lbs. of fluid under his skin. The phosphorus hasn’t gone down.
We can try him at home.  He’s meowing, but salivating again. He’s one of the animals that isn’t responding to the fluid therapy. Or so it seems. It’s not going down quickly, the creatinine. We can him at home. He hasn’t thrown up at all. He still hasn’t eaten for them. He weighed 17.1 pounds he came in. up to 22lbs. because of the fluids. Send him home with some lasix tablets. It’s pretty cheap. They are giving him 800ml a day of fluids. We’d have to do 250ml twice a day to keep maint.  If he eats and drinks for us, 200ml a day.
Weight needs to come down. Need to get a good scale. Need to make sure he’s absorbing/passing the fluids. He’s like a blob of jello. They’ll have him ready to go so we can pick him up later today. She’s also gonna try and give us the gel that is like malox to control the phosphorus.

Sorry today’s notes are sketchy. I can’t seem to get the words into proper sentences. But he’s coming home today, and we’re gonna see if he’ll work with us. He at least ate cookies for us last night 5-20, where he won’t eat anything for them.
I’m happy he’s coming home, the place is so empty without him. I won’t give up on him yet, because he hasn’t given up on himself. When his spirit breaks or things certainly don’t change, I’ll do what is needed. But I can’t make that call right now.