You all probably know by now that Virginia has chronic renal failure, ie kidney disease.

Well we just got back from the vet. Amano, big gray boy, had to be hospitalized. He was puking bile that past few days and I said that’s it, vet time this morning as I cleaned it off the carpet again. His Creatin? Creatine? It’s one of the blood levels for kidney function, is so high, the test couldn’t register it properly. So They are gonna hook him up to a constant dripping IV and catheter and hope to get those levels down. Vet will give us a call tonight. And tomorrow the other vet might give us an update, but we can always go see him and visit him. She’s hoping by Tuesday we can bring him home and continue with giving him fluids like we do with Virginia on a regular basis.

He’s only 11, I never imagined I would lose him before Virginia. Yeah he’s a big boy. or was. 3 years ago he weighed 23lbs. Today he weighed 17, which is almost normal for a cat his structural size. But 6lbs is a lot for a cat to lose in 3 years. Other blood levels were real high or real low. The vet was surprised he wasn’t having seizures. She said that was a good sign at least. And his heart is fine, so they can really pump these fluids into him. The biggest worry is diluting his red blood cells. We’ll just have to see how things go.

So basically, my baby boy, my little man, Troy’s buddy, is in intensive care at the moment. So bear with us if we act weird the next few days. Weirder than normal. Thanks. πŸ™‚