I’m still working with printers to decide where the comic will be printed, but it will be printed and hopefully I will have everything squared away and ready to go within a month’s time, HOPEFULLY LESS. So here’s what I discovered. I have enough material to make 2 issues. Issue 1 will be 36 pages + cover. Issue 2 will be 32 pages + cover. I’ve laid out the books and have some empty spots in both. Issue 1 has 2 half pages and 1 full page that needs to be filled. Issue 2 has a full page available. Both have the inside back cover available, and both currently have the back cover available. All inside pages will be in black and white. The cover is full color, full bleed.  I want to fill space on issue 1 before I start on issue 2. Issue 1 will also go to press first.

So what does this mean to you? Well, if you are an artist and looking to advertise, here’s what it means. I need the space filled, and you likely need to promote your stuff. So I am making a special offer on the advertising on Issue 1 at this time, ONLY. It’s going to be first come, first served. Name your own donation on the advertising. Whatever you want to give, I’ll take. If you can’t give anything, that’s fine too, for anything inside. If you want the back cover, I really would appreciate a donation on that since it’s such a prominent position. The space needs filling, and I can’t pay anyone to do filler art since I’m in a bit of a financial bind myself. If you are interested in some advertising space, drop me an email at ginpu.us [at] gmail.com.

Now if you want to send me fanart for it, go ahead. If there is enough interest in advertising and fan art, I can make the book a little bigger.

Now HOPEFULLY you are still reading this. Because this is where I have a favor to ask of the readers. I want to include a page in the comic that has real comments from the readers. You know, mini-review endorsement comments. A single word or a few sentences, it’s all good. Just email the comment with your name (preferably real first name), and either your city/state or website if you have one. I want to make a readers collage of these comments. You can email me directly at ginpu.us [at] gmail.com or use the contact form above. So could you please type me up a few words? Thanks in advance guys & girls!