As you may know, since November I have been slowly working to get the comic into print format. I’ve run into several acks along the way. The most recent one is have a double panle, single then double. 2 singles fit on one page… So I need to figure out what to put in the empty space below the single.

Some ideas are to have someone do a filler piece of art that would fit in there. Or the more likely event would be to just make an advertising chunk to include the other comics I currently host here at

I also haven’t the faintest idea of what to do for the cover, inside cover, inside back and back cover. Any one want to give me input?

Oh and for your convenience, I’ve removed registering to post, however you will still need to give up some information if you aren’t registered. The only one that sees the email addresses is me, and I don’t even look. I just don’t want spam bots hitting the page.