If you know me, you know I don’t post depressing stuff, or get emo on you all. Why? Cause you didn’t come here to hear that, you came here to see my art and enjoy my comic… or make fun of me… but either way, I have some depressing info that I feel is VERY important due to the nature of it.

The real Ginny, the one whose name was used to create Ginpu so many years ago, isn’t well. We got home Tuesday night and she was on the reclining chair by the window. When I saw her she appeared to be struggling to get her surroundings. I thought maybe it had to do with suddenly waking up. So I walked to her and she started to howl and was startled when I touched her. It was like she couldn’t see me.

Gin, rather Virginia is almost 19 years old now. She has CRF, or chronic renal failure. It is terminal, it’s just no one can say how long. Anyways… She can’t see right. I don’t know if it’s permanent or not. I don’t know what caused it. It’s possible it’s from high blood pressure, but when we last tested that she was fine. She could have had a seizure of sorts and it may have happened that way. She reacts to shadows, but she’s having a hard time tracking the laser pen. At first I thought she was going into epic failure, but she peed in the litter box. If she was one foot in the grave, she couldn’t pee, her body would become poisoned from not being able to get rid of the urine. She’s eating, drinking and being herself mostly.

I brought her to the vets today. She is definitely sightless. However, there was little our normal vet could do. She got me an appointment with an ophthalmologist. Yes, there are vet versions. CRF tends to give kitties high blood pressure too. High blood pressure in kitties can make their retinas detach. This results in blindness. However, according to my vet, if this is what happened, there is a drug that could make them re-attach and give her back her vision. But I won’t know anything until after our visit tomorrow. It’s gonna cost $117 to see this guy, and it’s a trip of over an hour.

She’s been with me since she was 4 weeks old and I was 13 years old. I hope she lasts till our birthday. Yes hers is also April 6th. But if I go really quiet, like even the comic isn’t updated, you’ll know why. I just thought to let you all know ahead of time. That’s all. I’ll give you all an update tomorrow.