I’ll keep it short and sweet. We are going on an impromptu trip to Key West for a few days. Phiz needs it to get away from work. Me… uh… I just get to go along. Plus it lets me take a break as well. So, next week, I’ve got the whole week planned out to display Phiz’s “Of Socks and Sea Monkeys” comic he did on index cards many, many years ago. This will run for 5 DAYS IN A ROW. MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY!!! I scanned them, laid them out and toned them, re-lettered them and used some words balloons. All credits are on the comic page itself.

• March 13-March 18 – KEY WEST
• March 16-20 “Of Socks and Sea Monkeys” • MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY!
• April 6 – My Birthday, I turn 32 man!