Heads up people! I got some new link exchanges going on.

First off, check out

Story is about Rose, a human who’s getting abducted by aliens and one of the aliens named Hue. Great read and awesome artwork! Check it out, give Emy some loves! She broadcasts art sketchings through Mogulus usually once a week. Catch up with her on Twitter and DeviantArt to know what’s going on!

Next up, we have
This one has been a little time coming. ^__^. I had asked Chalo-san over a year ago, but due to the layout of the site, link exchanges weren’t possible. I kept my eyes open and waited a bit. The sites were redesigned and I asked again. So a great big thank you to Chalo-san. He’s a good person. Las Lindas is an anthro comic about Mora, her farm, and all the people who make it possible. Can’t leave out all the love triangles, the history, bonus comics and of course Digit. Go on, stop by and check it out! Chalo also has DA and FA pages, but I’m letting you find those on your own. ^_^

I’m running a commission special right now. Please check this DeviantArt journal for more information! Pirates and Ninjas!