I was looking to try and find ways to increase my computer’s performance. From a hardware stand point. The thing is over 2 years old. Some parts even older. It takes much longer than it used to, to process things and has a tendency to lock up in games, that it used to not. I reformatted not that long ago, but it made no difference. So I’m thinking ok, upgrade the CPU maybe. NOPE. No more socket 939’s out there. OK… Faster memory. Nope. You can’t go more than DDR400. Well sh…. So my only options are add a GB of RAM, I have 3 right now,… but why buy more DDR400 when there is better out there and I will end up tossing it in the end? or add another video card. It is SLi and I have yet to use that feature. But how far will that get me?

I might have to hold a donation drive or something. Though I don’t know what to offer you guys as compensation. I would need to rebuild my computer, almost from the ground up. I’m looking at new case, yes case, this one is busted up. New CPU & MB. New RAM since better exists. Possibly new VC and SC. Though I am not opposed to onboard sound. It’s what I am using cause my SC itself started freaking out. Of course being JOBLESS isn’t helping me get this handled on my own money. Normally I would use the tax returns to upgrade the computer, but I don’t think I can do that this year unless I somehow start making money. I have to figure something out… eventually?

If you are willing to donate what do you think would be a good thing to offer? Maybe a wallpaper? It would have to be something for everyone. Donators get a special wallpaper? I update an extra day a week for XX dollars? Give me your input. It’ll help greatly! The computer is needing upgrading that much I can be sure of, and no income makes it not possible. πŸ™