Or My Sweet Love in English. This is a project, the hosting part anyways, that Phizuol and I have been working on with Wapy for about a month or so now. We created a sub-domain here at GINPU.US for her manga. Phiz found her some time ago on DeviantART. I started to watch her not too long ago. I’d say we quickly became friends. I don’t make friends easily. πŸ˜€ I wanted to see her succeed. If I can do anything to help her, I decided that I would.

Today she told me she wanted to unveil the site finally. So I am making this post to say hey, go check it out. We are still working on some of the smaller details of the site. Voting for the manga at the comic lists, advertising, paypal, etc. I bought her a “How to Make Webcomics” book and had it shipped over to her. She lives over in Portugal. Her native language is obviously Portuguese. She’s been kind enough to translate the manga into English for the rest of us to read and enjoy. πŸ˜€

So it is with great honor, I present to you, O Meu Doce Amor.