So 2 years later and I’m looking to set some sort of slogan, a catch phrase. Something simple and short that still somehow says something about Ginpu. The current tag-line isn’t what I’m looking for. It’s old and I need something new.

So… I guess for your help, I can offer something in return. I’ll offer up a drawing for you.

Inked, color or grayscale, and shaded with with or without VERY SIMPLE background. One character. Here’s the other info for this, I guess a disclaimer and so you know what to expect.

• I will not draw nudity or sex images. Mostly because it’s not my style.
• Be familiar with my gallery and style. Do not ask for one thing and expect something else that is NOT in my style/talent.
• Keep in mind that it will be digital and sent over the web.
• I need at least ONE reference picture (more is welcome) from you so I know what I’m supposed to draw. It could be a picture of what the character MIGHT look like and a detailed description of the character, and I can try and put it together.
• I do work a regular job and have a life. Be patient.
• I will post your gift in my gallery on DeviantART after it is finished.

Judging will likely be held by me, however, if there are several good possibilities, I will create a poll both on my forums and on my DeviantART account and allow others to vote on them. From the two polls we’ll figure out the ‘winner’

The slogan needs to be PG/PG13. It should be a slogan, not a short story. It has to somehow pertain to Ginpu. I don’t want to use the word furry as thanks to so many other people scarring the minds of others, putting furry in it is likely to conjure images of sex/yiff and other deviant behaviors. You read the comic. You know that doesn’t exist. So I need to avoid the stereotyping.

I need to draw in new readers. I need to make this comic my career. I need to leave this job I have and make a living off the comic. But I have to first get the readership to do that.

I’m working on advertising with several top lists. I have link exchanges out there, I’ve done guest strips. I’m trying to do some networking. I’ve been 98% reliable with having SOMETHING up every Friday.

So yeah. You help me, I make you pretty picture, K?

DEADLINE OCTOBER 1, 2008 at 11:59pm EST